The CAD Research Group (GRCAO) is a university research group pursuing the following main objectives:
  • to actively work for the development of fundamental and applied research in the field of Computer-Aided Design and its applications in architecture, archeology and urban design (environmental design, in general)
  • to gather around research and development projects professors, researchers, professionals, technicians and students;
  • to contribute dynamically to the CAD education and to all other related teaching domains in the Faculty of Environmental Design or in any other academic institution;
  • to contribute to the training of young researchers in the domain, by supervising students of 2nd (M. Sc. A.) and 3rd cycle (Ph.D.) of education;
  • to establish links and collaborations with researchers from the other faculties of the University of Montreal, as well as with other universities working in similar or complementary fields of knowledge.
Last Update: 10 sptember 2015